Have you ever been on your way to tailgate when you realized you forgot to post a comment to your class discussion board? What do you do? About face, go back to your dorm, sit down, plug away and miss out on the fun? Or forgo the assignment all together?

How about neither?

What do I mean? Well, with Blackboard Mobile Learn, you can check grades, grab presentations and documents, even post on your class discussion board right from your phone. And, now access to the app is only a few taps away on iOS or Android.

With the Mobile Learn Personal Usage License any student can purchase the app for $1.99 per year or $5.99 for lifetime access. For thoseinstitutions who want to make Mobile Learn available campus-wide, they can do that. But for those institutions that don’t license the app, students have the right to choose.

We know people are curious about this approach. Over the life of the app, we have heard from students, faculty and academic leaders who were frustrated by the limited access to Mobile Learn due to previous pricing models and partnerships, so this new model affords access to anyone.  And if you don’t see the value in the app today that just charges us to work harder, continuing to evolve the features that can make your student experience better.

Everyday we’re faced with choices. And yes, some choices are harder than others. Who to start as your quarterback in Fantasy Football? McDonalds or Burger King? iPhone or Android? The same can be said for your academic experience and the way you choose to access information.

Want to get Mobile Learn today? bit.ly/Bbapp

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