…the award-winning IT and DevOps champion Gene Kim.

While a student of Purdue computer science professor and prominent Internet thought leader Dr. Gene Spafford, Gene Kim co-authored the open source tool Tripwire (talk about a project with good Genes). Five years later, Kim founded the information security software company of the same name and served as CTO for 13 years. This accomplishment contributed to Kim being named to the ComputerWorld list of “40 Innovative IT People Under the Age of 40.”

A popular speaker and author, Kim is something of a folk hero among the IT community. He recognizes that IT Operations is a critical but often overlooked asset in almost every organization. IT is not only responsible for running the infrastructure that vital business operations rely upon but also enables Development to release features into production quickly and without disrupting the customer. At Blackboard we rely heavily on IT Operations for both functions, especially with our model of small releases on a regular basis to be responsive to our users; IT Ops, along with Development, is key to that strategy.

Author of The Visible Ops Handbook, Kim’s latest title is the groundbreaking The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win. Mike Orzen, co-author of the Shingo Prize-winning book Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation, called The Phoenix Project “A must-read for anyone wanting to transform their IT to enable the business to win. Told through an absorbing story that is impossible to put down, the authors teach the essential lessons in an accessible way. Every business leader and IT professional should read this book!”

“When you’re doing things the right way,” Kim said, “there’s no wasted motion, you get hurt less, you’re healthier, and more efficient.” This was a reference to not one but two of his passions—IT operations…and yoga.

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