At Blackboard, we believe that System Administrators are the key to implementing new technologies at their institutions.  They are always on the forefront of adopting tools to extend the Blackboard Learn platform to make the lives of instructors easier. But did you know? System Administrators can impact students learning beyond the classroom by giving them easier access to internships?

Give your students access to more internship opportunities this year

It’s no secret that students are concerned now more than ever to find a job after graduation. In a 2010 survey report by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 73 percent of employers stated the desire for higher education to put more emphasis on “the ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings through intern­ships and other hands-on experiences.” [The Chronicle, April 24, 2011] But, finding an internship that is the right fit for a student can be a struggle in itself. Blackboard System Administrators can help connect students to internships within their Blackboard Learn environment., the largest marketplace for internships, part-time jobs and entry-level positions is available within Blackboard Learn.  Additionally was selected by Forbes as the one of the 10 Best Websites for Your Career.  The partnership allows students to access’s vast inventory of internships – currently over 60,000 active positions – all which have been vetted and verified by the team.  The partnership complements and adds value to existing career-focused efforts and provides one more resource for students as they are looking for internships.

The time to act is now – help your students succeed beyond the classroom

You now have the opportunity to earn the use of the Blackboard “My students are luckier than yours” badge, to be sent to you upon activation of the Building Block. Like the other official Blackboard badges, we encourage you to use the badge for your own professional development on your Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterist, blog or any other personal channel profile.  Or, print it out and tape it to your computer monitor, pin it to your bulletin board, or tape it to your office door.  Download, install, and register the Building Block and then fill out your name and email address here.

Want to ask questions? Sign up for our November 8th Webinar with Kelly M. Dempsey, Instructional Technologist at Skidmore College – register now or take a look that this case study with Troy University.

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