The following is a guest posting by Heather Bennett, Chief Learning Officer at M5 Networks, the market leader in cloud-based phone systems. Like most companies, we at M5 see sales as the heart of our corporate growth and success. So when we learned that Blackboard’s new application on the platform could make our sales processes even more efficient and successful, we were eager to explore it. As our implementation is underway, we’re very excited about the ways that Blackboard Learn for Sales™ is taking our employee and sales team training to the next level.  Its seamless integration with Salesforce and use of social and informal learning tools will not only increase knowledge retention within our sales team, but it will also engage our staff to help them meet their personal and professional goals.

Our new partnership with Blackboard fits perfectly with the launch of People Team.  This group will develop an online working environment for M5 that is fun, creative, and productive through social learning and employee collaboration.  Blackboard provides an ideal tool for People Team, allowing us to shake up the entire corporate culture and bring our focus to cultivating talent within our company.

Blackboard Learn for Sales will serve as an efficient platform for the M5 sales team to directly enroll in and complete training, measure the impact of training on sales growth, certify reps on new products, and create targeted courses for reps needing improvement.   When combined with the peer-to-peer engagement of People Team, Blackboard and Salesforce will provide our valued employees with the training they need to drive sales and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Enhancing our sales training process with Salesforce and Blackboard will not only increase collaboration within M5 sales, but would also prepare our company’s sales team to close more deals.

Thanks to these developments, we will be better equipped to maintain our position as an industry leader while remaining agile for the challenges ahead. M5’s official press release on the launch of People Team can be found here.  Also visit this website to view Blackboard’s official press release on their new partnership with M5 Networks, and be sure to check out Blackboard Learn for Sales to learn more about integrating with Salesforce.

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