At BbWorld in July, we promised that big changes were on the horizon at Blackboard—good changes. We said that we would be integrating our portfolio of products, that we would be accelerating innovation, and that we would be investing heavily in our core teaching and learning platforms.

Today we announced the first of many upcoming follow-throughs on these promises: a seamlessly integrated virtual classroom in Blackboard Learn.

By extending Blackboard Learn with Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, enterprise instant messaging, and voice authoring, we’re now delivering a complete teaching and learning environment that can support almost unlimited teaching and learning opportunities, from online office hours to connect with students that need extra help, to mobile learning with integrated apps, to recording classes or lectures for a flipped classroom approach.

This is what using Blackboard Collaborate within Blackboard Learn used to look like:

Now, virtual classroom capabilities in the LMS have the same native look and feel as the core, built-in platform features—a significant improvement in ease of use, workflow and cohesiveness:

Better, eh? We think so. We think this seamless, unified learning environment is better for students, better for faculty, and better for academic institutions. It’s what our users expect and deserve. Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning of how we intend to leverage the full potential of our portfolio to support teaching and learning. When we make a promise, we keep it.

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  • Jessica

    The new BB is garbage.