The Social Workplace blog, written by HR thought leader Elizabeth Lupfer, recently highlighted a fascinating infographic on the importance of social media to today’s young professionals.   The infographic features data from a Cisco survey that asked college students and recently employed graduates about the ways they value the Internet, social media, and mobile devices, especially as these tools relate to the workplace.

As expressed in the infographic, the overall trend found in Cisco’s study is that “the majority of college students and young professionals value social media access, device freedom and a mobile work style as much [as] or more than money.” When looking at the specific findings of the study, some of the most interesting points include:

· 2/3 of current college students will ask about social media policies during job interviews · 1/3 of students will prioritize social media freedom and device flexibility over salary during their job search. · 71% of college students believe corporate devices should also allow for personal use, including access to social networks · 3/5 of students believe they have the right to work remotely with a flexible schedule

These facts highlight that young professionals are entering the workplace with expectations not seen in previous generations:  they demand access to social networks when they are on the job, and believe they have the ability to be just as productive, if not more so, when they work outside of a traditional office environment with devices of their choosing.   It will be incredibly interesting to see how these expectations impact the workplace, especially as trends in mobile, social, and online capabilities continue to grow.

To view the full infographic from The Social Workplace, click this link or view it below:

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