In a little over one month, sales practitioners and industry experts from around the world will gather at Dreamforce 2012 in San Francisco. What is Dreamforce, you ask? It’s the annual gathering of the entire community of experts who share practices, hands-on training, and new innovations with the Salesforce user community.  This year’s four-day conference will feature over 650 breakout sessions as well as keynote addresses from former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts…and others!

From experience, I can say that Dreamforce isn’t just another tech convention. But if you’re still trying to convince your boss that attending Dreamforce can help your company leverage the social enterprise, there are a few ways to help justify your trip.  According to past attendees, attending Dreamforce has a proven ROI including the following results:

  1. Better sales metrics including a 30% increase in sales productivity and a 26% increase in sales revenue.
  2. Higher average service and support metrics including 27% faster case resolution and 28% increase in customer satisfaction.
  3. Improved IT with 53% faster deployment and a 33% decrease in IT cost.

And if that isn’t convincing enough, did you know that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be playing at the Dreamforce ’12 Gala?















Hope to see you at Dreamforce 2012!  Details:

Who: For users and all those interested in leveraging social sales.
What: The largest annual gathering of experts and practitioners ready to share best practices to enhance sales.
When: Tuesday, September 18th – Friday, September 21st 2012
Where: San Francisco, California
Why: To maximize your Salesforce ROI and impact your bottom line!

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