Edline has been a part of the Blackboard K-12 family since October, and we’re thrilled to finally have our very own OFFICIAL Blackboard name—Blackboard Engage! With a new name for our organization comes a new opportunity to grow with Blackboard AND with your school’s evolving needs. It’s the same products you know and love with a new division name that better defines what we are passionate about—parental and student engagement. Blackboard Engage will continue to serve the K-12 community through its flagship Edline product along with SchoolWorld, SchoolFusion, SchoolCenter GradeQuick, Easy Grade Pro and Teacher Web with an increased focus on driving product enhancements and high-touch client care. Since the coming together of Edline and Blackboard, our position in the K-12 market has been solidified, now with more clients in K-12 than in higher education! With access to so many great Blackboard products and tools, we hope to bring our current clients more opportunities to engage and interact with their users, as well as spread the Blackboard Engage love to all the folks who have already discovered Blackboard K-12. Get ready to engage your entire learning community with the NEW Blackboard Engage.

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  • Karen Day

    When will this happen?  We are preparing documents right now for next school year and I need to know when to change our terminology!  Thanks.

    • Megan Peddycord

      Hi Karen, great question! The company name change will be complete
      by the end of the June, but your Edline product name will remain the same.
      We’re happy to supply whatever you need to update your documents, and how much
      updating you’ll need to do will depend on the kind of documentation and how
      long it needs to last. Feel free to email me at megan.peddycord@blackboard.com for more information or questions.

  • Souzekri

    I wonder whether the restrictions on picture sizes will be lifted along with an increase in capacity to post audiovisual files. This has been a clean weakness from edline’s end.

  • Souzekri

    I wonder whether the restrictions on picture sizes will be lifted along with an increase in capacity to post audiovisual files. This has been a clean weakness from edline’s end.

  • Jblice

    Will students need to search “Blackboard Engage” to find the login page?

  • Jaworskic

    I am confused.  Are we to use the name EDLINE within our schools or the new name BLACKBOARD ENGAGED?  If Balckboard Engaged, what will the webaddress be for people wanting to access it?

    • Jenna

       I’m also wondering the same thing.  Furthermore, will the promotional materials we distribute to parents along with their activation codes still say “Edline” since you said the Edline product name remains the same?

    • Megan Peddycord

      Thanks for your question!  Your Edline product and school web address will remain the same, and everything will continue to function and be accessible in the same manner as the previous school year. As far as your users are concerned, they will  have the same Edline product they have always had. Blackboard Engage is the new name of the company that will be supporting your Edline products.

      I hope this helps!

  • Jill

    What about the interface with Reideker and Admin Plus?

    • Megan Peddycord

      Hi Jill. Everything will remain the same with our relationship with Reideker, including functionality.

  • Skip

    This phrase kills me… ”While there are no changes to the products you use,”Come on guys.  We have been waiting for Blackboard functionality for a year now…

  • grapes

    Will teachers still be allowed to buy Easy Grade Pro as a standalone product, and upload their marks to their own server if desired? I was never a fan of the Edline environment, and I’m even less interested in Blackboard. Moreover, my district has no money or interest in learning management systems (for which I’m thankful). I’m really worried this is the beginning of the end of Easy Grade Pro as a separate product, and as a tool of leading edge, independent teachers. 

    • Megan Peddycord

      Thanks for your question! Easy Grade Pro single user
      licenses will continue to be sold—there are no planned changes there.

  • Rfreer

    Will the planned “fix” so I can use current Apple software such as Lion with my edline grade book work now that you are part of Blackboard?  As of last year, I could only enter grades.  I was promised that the entire grade book would work by the beginning of this school year.

  • jody

    was at a school with School-loop which was I liked WAY better because when I created an assignment in the grade-book, it automatically went to those students calendars, ALSO default homepage for all was calendar with everything on it for the week! WAAAAAAAY better. Copy them.

  • doedoughdueodooe


  • fart face


  • Cindy Cresser

    This is great but how do I get my kids’ grades and assignments? How do you roll out a whole new program without any communication about it????

  • smh

    Our school didn’t mention a change to Edline, how to I sign on as a parent?

  • CPA

    Don’t feel bad, smh, I am a teacher and our school did not tell us!

  • Confused Student

    I can’t even find where to sign in and check my grades. Can you guys at least tell us HOW?

  • jtr

    i cant find where to log in

  • Shelly

    Wow, I was never informed as a parent that there would be changes. I don’t see where to login and check grades/assignments. Can’t enjoy the grand new changes if there isn’t any information for us parents! By the way…WHERE do you even login?

  • Guest

    It is the end of the quarter, we have to upload grades and we can’t login! Can’t find it either!

  • Pat

    stupid idea. Keep it as edline.

  • John Doe

    Man i think you guys made a fucking retarded idea you’re fucking dumb for changing this shit to blackboard change it back to edline you bunch of fucking inbreds

  • John Doe’s Brother

    Man fuck this shit you dumb assholes i agree with John Doe you mother fuckers

  • John Doe

    This site is just plain dumb. They should of just left well enough alone. I can’t check grades or even find where to log in. So stupid. The school didn’t even tell the parents that edline was going to change!!!!!!!

    • The real john doe

      Wdf im real john doe bitch

  • Viktor Stolbovoy

    I hope the schools will switch to something else. I want to see my kid grades not to read a ton of marketing BS about some tiny company with a badly thought product. But sure re-branding is much easier than doing something useful like a report where I can see all recent grades on all of the subjects for my kid on a single page. But this probably was way to complex as it would took an hour of a qualified developer’s time.

  • Dave Fritz

    Honestly, this site is a waste of my time. Why can’t I find a log in to track my kids’ grades anymore?

  • foreign

    More stress for us parents ,, I willy like the old time work sheet like sending notes with kids and sign it ,,
    now is switching again,, oh my god I am not going find my self

  • Bring Back Edline

    Bring back Edline!! I can’t even find where to log-in!! I loved that I could easily access my daughter’s grades, homework assignments, school calendars, clubs, and e-mail my daughter’s teachers on Edline!! This new website is a complete waste of space!! Our school didn’t even know about the change!! Bring back Edline!!

  • Unhappy Mom

    This is ridiculous I do not care what the name is I want to be able to see what by child’s grades are I do not see where I log in to find that out We were never informed of any change My time is important I have wasted too much time hunting around to find information I use to have at my finger tips

  • FrustratedTeacher

    I’m a teacher trying to input grades. Not only did you not inform us of all these changes in advance, but you removed or deactivated the gradequick link I use to enter students’ grades. Can you reactivate it please? I have work to do.

  • Cool kid 91911


  • JWT

    People have been asking where to log in for years. POST AN ANSWER!

    • Somerandomshit

      My guess is the button that says login.

  • BarackoObama