Earlier this year, a handful of leader’s from higher ed institutions met at a symposium for a day-long session to chat about key topics and issues facing their institutions. One of the topics of the day was on Social Learning – what it is and what it isn’t, and no, it’s not new. What dawned on us after the conversations is that the term means a lot of different things to different people.

So, drawing upon the key takeaways, subsequent discussions and research of our own, we’ve compiled some myths (and truths) to help you better understand what is often misunderstood about social learning.

While the list could go on, we landed on four myths of social learning. First we are going to address them and then we’re going to debunk them.

Over the next few weeks we’ll present a breakdown of these myths and take a deeper dive into what they mean for active learners and instructors..

  • Myth 1: Social Learning Is New
  • Myth 2: Social Learning Is the Same as Social Media
  • Myth 3: Social Learning Is Just for Fun
  • Myth 4: Social Learning Is a Fad

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