Whether you eagerly anticipate, secretly fear, or not-so-secretly fear Common Core, the new K-12 educational standards that will go into effect in participating states in the fall of 2014, one factor remains constant:

You must prepare.

As educators, you probably encourage your students not to procrastinate, not to cram. We agree. So we’ve got something to help you take your own advice.

Getting Ready for the Common Core: A Playbook for K-12 School Districts is a guide and cheerleader in one. In four manageable steps, the playbook shares best practices based in part on schools, districts, and professional development providers (including the New York Institute of Technology and the Cobb County [GA] School District) that have begun the process of integrating Common Core. It’s brimming with practical tips—and encouragement.

You can prepare.

In fact, in ways you may not realize, you are likely already prepared.

For example, step 3 is “Keep Parents Informed.” For school districts, this is standard procedure, and doing so with regards to Common Core will be no exception. Blackboard offers technology to make this even easier, including Engage (K-12 websites and communication) and Connect (multi-modal alerts and notifications).


Change is challenging. But thanks to the Blackboard Common Core playbook, you will be ready.

Please help us help your fellow educators prepare for Common Core by tweeting about this guide with link http://tinyurl.com/m3cw53j and hash #commoncore



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