As one of the leading education technology companies in the world, we strive to help you to address the evolving education needs of today’s students.  Just who are today’s students?

See how many you recognize:

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As digital natives become the majority in classrooms and lecture halls, we are at critical turning point in education.  What’s that light around the corner?

A world where everyone in education can access infinite teaching tools, information, and analytics from anywhere at any time.

A world where all kinds of education activities, from discussions to lectures to collaboration, can be done virtually.

A world where all students have numerous choices in subject and method.

Active learners are changing everything for the better. At Blackboard, we are active too—active providers of the technology and proactively connecting folks who support the needs of the active learners  who bring about change.

So, how will you go active?

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  • rachel mccarthy

    .true ^-^

  • Dr. Dawg

    Here’s the thing> “Activity” is not equal to learning…A student may be “actively” texting in your class….to her boyfriend or posting on Facebook…not necessarily paying attention to a teacher’s lecture…. Therefore the use of gadgets does not guarantee learning.
    In fact, some research shows that the ability to multitask in hyperactivity- results in poorer cognitive functioning.
    As a teacher, is your teaching driven my gadgets or sound research? Pedagogy, androgogy.
    Show me the research ~
    Yes, the critical point is this-
    Do you use technology gadgets gratuitously?
    Just because you can use something, doesn’t mean it is an instructional tool…

  • Elizabeth

    I thought this campaign was to get students to brainstorm innovative ideas for the future.. not bring MORE technology into our education. When I’m at home, hours are wasted on social networking sites and youtube. I don’t allow myself to bring my laptop into classes, because I WILL get distracted. But even when I bring in the “old school” pen and paper, I have to focus on not focusing to a classmate’s facebook, that one girl who is watching her favorite TV show, and countless people texting on their phones. Sometimes I wish I lived in an Amish community, seriously…

    It’s bad enough that technology has the power to dominate the nation… Why should our education fall victim?

  • Anonymous.

    I’m so sick of everyone complaining about the distraction of social media, tv shows, and other available online activities. Honestly, I for one take much better notes when I can just sit and type away on my computer, rather than attempting to listen, take notes, and read my chicken scratch later. If you can’t actively and successfully mulch-task; that’s your problem, not mine. So grab your marble slate, and your chisel, and get to taking notes in your own way. I’ll use my tablet.