Blackboard teamed up with ADP – a company based in New Jersey that provides business outsourcing solutions – to transform its learning programs. The organization decided to make a change in how it trained its sales force. That investment meant an improved learning environment for its employees through our Blackboard Learn™ platform.

Just a few years ago, ADP’s new sales associate training was an intensive, lengthy, and expensive process that required trainees to spend a great deal of time away from customers and prospects. ADP wanted to improve that process, and its business results, so the company decided to pilot a distance-learning program in order to streamline, and improve, its sales training regimen. Benefits of the new learning platform were evident right from the start. Although time inside a formal classroom lessened, students became more engaged in the sales process. Plus, comprehension quickly increased while retention and grades rose. In the end, ADP experienced a true impact on business. ADP Benefits from using Blackboard Learn:

  • $1.5-$1.6 million savings in training expenses
  • 60-day increase in sales productivity for trainees
  • 12% increase in first year annual sales
  • Increase in retention
  • Increase in comprehension
  • Increase in engagement
  • Improvement in grades

A defined focus on continuous learning ensures that ADP’s sales training effort provides associates with the latest industry best practices and proven sales methodologies. Read more about how ADP implemented and benefited their online learning for professional training and development here.

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