Hey dreamers—you can’t read the Blackboard unless you show up for class.

This year, Blackboard kicked off what has rapidly become a successful series of regional one-day conferences designed to give our clients in-person access to Blackboard leaders and developers and insights into your peers’ technology endeavors. In other words, class is coming to you.

What: Blackboard Teaching and Learning Day

When: Wednesday December 5, 8:30 am (breakfast) to 4:15 pm

Where: Covel Commons Conference Center (UCLA), 330 De Neve Drive, Los Angeles

Why: To exchange ideas and best practices from Blackboard reps, your peers, and special guest speakers.

We understand you can’t always come to us, but we know the value of face time. Our Blackboard Days are a convenient and valuable opportunity to get all the buzz about the latest Blackboard features and ask questions about existing ones. We welcome concerns and requests because we can’t build a better education experience without the input of our community.

Extra credit: Educators who attend will earn a certificate of completion for their participation.

At Blackboard, we’re dreamers, too. We dream of perpetual improvement to our products and services so your job becomes easier. But then we turn that dream into reality. We can’t wait to show you how.

Register today for the California Blackboard Teaching and Learning Day or let us know if you are interested in a Blackboard Day for your area to get Professional Development and network with peers in your area (BlackboardDays@blackboard.com).

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