Today, I released a letter that provides an update on key areas of Blackboard Collaborate. You can read it here.

In the past six months we’ve been working on the way Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Learn work together to create a better, more consistent experience for customers who use both products. This includes workflow improvements to save teachers’ time.

We released this advanced Collaborate integration for Learn last week; however, the release was premature. We know this caused frustration for some of you. We took immediate steps to remove the Building Block and activated an emergency patch plan to deliver a corrected version quickly. We anticipate this patch release to be available early next week.  If you want to receive a notification when the patch release is available, please subscribe to our Knowledge Base article on this topic.

As you can expect, we’ll be working very hard to limit the potential for these types of problems in future releases. You can read our full plan here. Despite the issue, I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out the new integration soon – the quality of experience it delivers is impressive.

We’re also proactively working to enhance the user experience and evolving our product to better meet your needs.  You can find more information on upcoming improvements, including removing Java requirements, in my letter.

Your input matters to us. To provide feedback, e-mail us at or connect with us on Twitter or on Facebook!

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